Sunbake 2021

Our promise to oyu delivered fresh everyday

Baked fresh every day with the rising sun, our bread is made using only the finest ingredients. Our unsung band of hero millers and bakers rise before dawn to bake the freshest golden loaves of Sunbake bread for you to enjoy.

Over the years, we have grown to become one of the largest bakeries in South Africa, supplying bread, buns and rolls to various diverse communities and shoppers. You will find us at all your local and retail outlets in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, and parts of KZN and the Free State.

Sunbake Brand Facts

Brand Facts

One of South Africa’s largest bakeries
Low in saturated fat
Trans fat and cholesterol free
Nothing Fresher under the Sun

Brand Range

Sunbake Brown Bread
Sunbake white bread
Sunbake farmstyle brown bread
Sunbake LOW GI white bread
Sunbake seeded cocktail rolls
Sunbake Large seeded rolls
Sunbake cheese rolls
Sunbake Chocolate hot cross buns
Sunbake lunch buns
Sunbake hot cross buns
Sunbake hot dog rolls
Sunbake hamburger buns
Sunbake lunchtime cheese buns
Sunbake farmstyle white bread
Sunbake crushed wheat bread
Sunbake fruit buns
Sunbake 3in1 LOW GI Brown Bread

Brand Recipes