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We fully support the constructive intentions of the government to transform South African businesses through the B-BBEE codes. The Group completed its B-BBEE verification process for the year ending June 2022 and achieved a Level 4 contributor status in accordance with the Department of Trade and Industry Agriculture Codes. Our scoring improved by 3 points, in line with our commitment to organisational transformation.

In terms of the Group’s commitment to monitor and maintain compliance with its targets, the following is reviewed on a regular basis:

  • Reports to the board on a quarterly basis regarding equity targets.
  • BEE scorecard performance which is reported to the Social and Ethics Committee.
  • Monitoring BEE trends over a number of years (approximately 3 years by functional area).

We firmly believe that successful transformation is key to the Group maintaining its edge on sustainability practices.

Further details on BEE are reported on an annual basis in the Sustainable Business Report and the Abridged Integrated Annual Report, which can be downloaded below:



We value talent. We respect individuals. We are committed to people development. We revere teamwork, dedication and innovation.

RCL FOODS believes that passion breeds success. It respects individuals and nurtures them by empowering them to grow. It also values every employee’s contribution to the organisation as a whole, and believes that self-management and accountability are key elements to foster an efficient and productive workforce. RCL FOODS strives to empower its staff to be passionate in all that they do. It also encourages staff to influence the decision-making process and outcomes.

RCL FOODS is mindful of the fact that its employees strive for career growth and offer internal training programmes in various disciplines across all the functions of the business.

RCL FOODS employment equity policy is rooted in the principles embodied in the Employment Equity Act. The objectives are to:

  • Equalise opportunities for all employees
  • Eradicate any forms of discrimination
  • Actively implement plans to ensure the organisation is competently staffed and strives towards being demographically representative
  • Ensure continuous engagement and consultation with the representative regional Employment Equity Committees for all issues relating to workplace diversity

RCL FOODS’ commitment in terms of its Employment Equity Policy ensures that opportunities are provided for all employees from any culture, background, gender, age, disability and race.  In 2015 RCL FOODS embarked upon a process of consultation and engagement with the employment equity committees to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive employment equity plan for 2021.   The Company’s progress towards its achievement of workforce diversity objectives is measured through its Employment Equity Plan, the progress of which is measured and reported on, on a regular basis.  The actual employment equity statistics for each financial year is disclosed on an annual basis in the Sustainable Business Report 2019.

Employment Equity Policy Statement