Corporate Governance documents



We fully support the constructive intentions of the government to transform South African businesses through the B-BBEE codes. The Group completed its B-BBEE verification audit for the year ending June 2023 and maintains its Level 4 contributor status to B-BBEE Transformation. We have seen a slight increase in our Ownership score and an increase in our Management Control element score from 5.83 to 6.82. Our Skill Development element score has risen from 9.82 to 10.56 points. This improvement is a result of our strategic investments in employed and unemployed learnerships, inclusive of learners living with disabilities. Due to a drop in the Preferential Procurement target points, our Supplier and Enterprise Development score has decreased from 29.02 to 27.76. Our overall score therefore increased with 1 point, in line with our commitment to Transformation.

In terms of the Group’s commitment to monitor and maintain compliance with its targets, the following is reviewed on a regular basis:

  • Reports to the board on a quarterly basis regarding equity targets.
  • BEE scorecard performance which is reported to the Social and Ethics Committee.
  • Monitoring BEE trends over a number of years (approximately 3 years by functional area).

We firmly believe that successful transformation is key to the Group maintaining its edge on sustainability practices.

Further details on BEE are reported on an annual basis in the Sustainable Business Report and the Abridged Integrated Annual Report, which can be downloaded here.



Our employees are our greatest asset. It is through their skills, commitment, and teamwork that we are able to GROW WHAT MATTERS, together. Our mission is to foster a culture of well-being and belonging within an inclusive workspace that attracts, respects, and invests in our people.

Creating an Inclusive High-Performance Culture

To fulfil our Purpose and Vision, we emphasise building an inclusive, high-performance culture, part of our “People First” pillar of our business strategy. Our focus areas are:

  • Cultivating diversity and a unique and compelling culture (“Our Way”).
  • Growing effective and authentic leadership
  • Developing people and teams
  • Fostering collaborative employee relations and engagement
  • Protecting and promoting our employees’ health, safety, and wellness.

These priorities are integral to our sustainability strategy, with four key enablers: inclusion, fair compensation, investment in people, and employee and contractor wellbeing.

Celebrating Differences, Leveraging Inclusivity

We aim to promote a more equitable, prosperous, and harmonious society by valuing and supporting the inclusivity of all individuals. Our diversity and inclusivity approach has two components:

  • Celebrating and actively promoting diversity (gender, ethnicity, disability, religion) through various initiatives.
  • Creating an inclusive culture through open and honest dialogue, capability building, leveraging diversity to challenge the status quo; and driving engagement across all levels of the business.

Our Employment Equity Policy

RCL FOODS employment equity policy aligns with the principles of the Employment Equity Act. The objectives are:

  • Equalising opportunities for all employees
  • Eradicating all forms of discrimination
  • Actively implementing plans for demographic representation
  • Ensuring continuous engagement and consultation with the representative regional Employment Equity Committees.

RCL FOODS’ commitment in terms of its Employment Equity Policy ensures that opportunities are provided for all employees from any culture, background, gender, age, disability, and race.  In 2022, RCL FOODS embarked upon a process of consultation and engagement with the employment equity committees to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive employment equity plan for 2025. The Company’s progress towards its achievement of workforce diversity objectives is measured through its Employment Equity Plan, the progress of which is measured and reported on, on a regular basis.  The actual employment equity statistics for each financial year is disclosed on an annual basis in the Sustainable Business Report 2023.

Employment Equity Policy Statement