In line with our strategy, we have transformed from four separate businesses (TSB Sugar, Rainbow Chicken, Foodcorp and Vector) into a single, integrated RCL FOODS, with two divisions supported by common functions.

Our Group Services division provides support in common strategic and operational areas to our RCL FOODS Divisions.

Food Division

Our Food Division manages a basket of products across different categories. From household food products, beverages and convenience food brands to sugar, animal feed, maize meal and baked goods, this division houses a variety of products that cater to the needs of the South African public.

Logistics Division

Our Logistics division (Vector) provides RCL FOODS and numerous third parties with multi-temperature warehousing and distribution, supply chain intelligence and sales solutions. In addition to facilitating our own integrated supply chain, Vector has partnered with several leading food manufacturers, foodservice customers and retailers to distribute food products on their behalf across Southern Africa.

Group Services

OurĀ Group Services division has a shared responsibility to provide support in common strategic and operational areas across our Food and Logistics Divisions. These areas include:

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