The RCL FOODS Technical School goes virtual

We are intentional about developing our people at RCL FOODS. That’s what the RCL FOODS Technical School is all about. This year we are doing things differently and going 100% virtual! We discuss this exciting development with Wes Schwimmbacher (Agriculture and Feed Director) and Dr Sanjay Maharaj (Cobb and Agriculture Excellence Director).

1. For someone who is not familiar with the brand Cobb, what is it?

Sanjay: Cobb is the world’s oldest pedigree broiler breeding company. Cobb is focused on innovating the poultry industry to make protein healthy and affordable for everyone.

2. What is the RCL FOODS Technical School? 

Sanjay: We started the Technical School 3 years ago with the purpose of sharing knowledge and developing the technical skills of our leaders. The employees that attend have been carefully selected because they can have a huge impact in step-changing the agricultural performance of their operations.

3. How many delegates are attending this year? 

Wes: We have 60 nominated delegates from Durban, Midrand, Rustenburg, East London, Worcester, and Uganda.

4. What benefits and challenge did you face when transitioning to a virtual platform this year?

Sanjay: With COVID-19, and the subsequent restrictions, we chose to go virtual. We could not go a year without sharing the latest knowledge with our key people!

Wes: A benefit of a virtual school is the ability to get more global experts onboard. The challenge is that it’s just not as interactive from behind a screen as it is in-person.

5. What is the purpose of the RCL FOODS Technical School? 

Wes: The purpose is to develop our people. Farming chicken has become very complex and we wanted to create a space for greater innovation and efficiencies.

6. What key takeout’s do you hope the attendees leave with? 

Sanjay: I hope that the delegates gain exposure to all facets of the production of broilers in an integrated supply chain and that they use this knowledge to unlock the benefits in their own operations.

Wes: I hope the attendees get a clear idea of basic principles that will lead to improved KPI’s, and a connection to a world-wide team that can be drawn on in future.