Humans of RCL FOODS – Sbu Khumalo

Meet Sbu Khumalo, a Senior Graphic Designer for the Do More Foundation. Since joining RCL FOODS in 2022, Sbu has made an impact in both the office and beyond, having recently illustrated a children’s book for underprivileged Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres.

In 2022, non-profit organisation, Book Dash, came to Durban, seeking local artists to create open-licence children’s books – Sbu eagerly applied and secured his spot as an illustrator.

The book Sbu illustrated, “Zenande’s Helping Hands” was inspired by the 2022 Durban floods. It tells the story of Zanende and her neighbours coming together to help one another through the aftermath of heavy rains.

Since the Book Dash event, “Zenande’s Helping Hands” has been published in multiple languages and is being distributed to schools – especially those in underprivileged areas across the country.

“I really enjoyed working outside my comfort zone within a tight deadline,” Sbu shared, “Despite the high-pressure environment, it was an incredibly fulfilling experience.”

Sbu also finds his work with the Do More Foundation fulfilling. Knowing that his work is serving a higher purpose, he particularly enjoys illustrating caregiver and parenting guides for ECDs. Sbu also loves the continuous learning and skill development that comes with the job.

With a background as an inker for a highly respected comic studio, Sbu’s journey continues to be marked by creativity. We are proud to have humans like Sbu Khumalo, doing that little bit MORE at RCL FOODS.