No Stopping for Nash

Nash Subhan is a man with a passion for MORE IMPACT – and even more so during SA’s COVID-19 lockdown!

Nash is the Technical Trainer for Chicken Agriculture in KZN and spends most of his time doing, organising or developing training to meet the needs of our Breeder farms, Hatcheries and Broiler farms. During the lockdown, he has been focused on assisting the KZN Hatcheries, which are a critical lever in a successful chicken supply chain.

At the H3 Hatchery in KZN, he has managed to bring the entire Hatchery team together around the importance of machinery calibration. Even while socially distancing from each other, they have had some stimulating conversations on the Hatchery operation and have become more passionate, motivated and empowered during the process!

“Even though the lockdown is not what we wanted, it’s what we needed. The team has taken the so-called ‘bull by the horns’ to improve, and to show themselves and the organisation that by developing and equipping themselves with specialist knowledge they are unique and valuable assets,” says Nash.

Nash is one of our heroes who keeps doing his job so SA can stay fed.  

“Knowing the importance of my role drives me to DO MORE for our people, myself and my company. This fills me with so much pride and excitement,” he says.

Nice work, Nash!