Humans of RCL FOODS – Nerina Singh

Nerina Singh is one of the many amazing Humans of RCL FOODS. By day she’s our Beverages Brand Manager and her team has just introduced an exciting new brand offering: Number 1 Boost Energy Drink.

But ‘Number One’ is not all she cares about. She’s also dedicated mom and selfless servant to those around her – whether it’s watching her 8-year-old son’s school sport matches or investing her time in community projects. It’s all summed up in her personal purpose: “To help ever and hurt never”. We asked Nerina to tell us how this purpose came to guide her in all she does.

Nerina told us that went through an extremely challenging time a few years ago: she was constantly ill, severely anxious, and unable to balance family time. All of this affected her self-confidence. She regained her sense of purpose and self-confidence by becoming actively involved in the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation, an international non-profit organisation that unites people in the pursuit of self-realisation and service to society.

She has since devoted herself to many selfless acts of service with the organisation, including feeding the homeless and animals, mentoring youths, working with the elderly and distributing winter care kits to the needy.

In 2019 she took on the position of Regional Youth Convenor for the organisation in KZN, and the next year she enrolled for an International Youth Leadership Programme. For the last two years she has been putting her learning into practice as a National Youth Leader for South Africa.

Nerina is intentional about living her organisation’s core values of Truth, Peace, Right Conduct, Non-violence and Love in her everyday life. At work, she strives to display integrity and harmony, demonstrate good character and ethics in her daily tasks and works inclusively with others.

“I have learnt that many have the functional skills to tackle a task, but HOW we go about doing it and the impact it has on others is what matters the most. And in doing so I feel that my values meet the RCL FOODS values and ways of working,” she says.

Working at RCL FOODS inspires Nerina to show up every day as her authentic self. She is proof that with each of us living our purpose, together we can Grow What Matters in our workplace and community.