RCL FOODS awarded Top Employer certification proving that many little more’s make the world of difference!

RCL FOODS was recently awarded Top Employer certification for the second year running. The Top Employer institute recognises employers that provide excellent employee conditions according to global best practice.

This means that the people practices at RCL FOODS are considered among the best in the world, which help us to attract and retain great people. What is even more amazing is that we’ve managed to reach and maintain this level in just over 5 years.

To celebrate this outstanding achievement, we arranged for a unique gift in partnership with the DO MORE FOUNDATION which took the form of a beautiful mask created by a special group of young entrepreneurs from Okwethu Sewing, an Enterprise Development initiative of the DO MORE FOUNDATION in Hammarsdale.

This was our way of saying thank you to everyone who has helped us, in many ways, to make RCL FOODS a place where people genuinely want to work.

DO MORE FOUNDATION has spearheaded more than one sewing group, and, after the success and positive impact of the Hammarsdale Sewing Group, we started another small sewing group in Nkomazi, in a rural community next to our Malalane Sugar Office.

We gave that group an order of 3000 masks to be created for all the Sugar Employees. It was empowering for the Sugar Division to know that their masks were made locally by their own community, and also for the local sewing group to know that their handywork was going to be proudly used at RCL Malalane. Making one mask may not seem like much but making thousands of masks can be life-changing for an unemployed youth.

The team handled various challenges during this time from transport issues to various delays, but being a resilient group, it all worked out in the end! The order was no small thing as the impact it had on the group of women was immeasurable; not only financially, but also mentally and emotionally as it provided them with a much-needed boost post the lack of work due to the lockdown.

This is one example of how many little actions, taken together, have the power to make a meaningful difference! RCL FOODS will continue to endeavour to be a place where we make MORE impact, where people are valued, and where everyone is inspired to do #ThatLittleMore. “Because one little more might not make a difference, but a million little more’s may just change the world.”