Humans of RCL FOODS – Movember Edition

Living on purpose – How Sohail (aged 23) beat cancer through early detection and maintaining a positive mindset.

Meet Sohail Abdoola, a 27-year-old who embodies resilience and purpose amidst life’s challenges. A devoted Muslim, father, husband, avid sneaker collector, valued employee at RCL FOODS… and cancer survivor.

With men’s health and wellbeing in the spotlight during ‘Movember’, we sat down with Sohail to talk about his cancer journey and the advice he has for others.

Sohail commenced his journey with RCL FOODS as a management trainee in February 2018, fresh out of varsity and excited to kickstart his career. In August 2019, at the age of 23, he discovered a lump in one of his testicles and booked a doctor’s appointment the next day – only to be diagnosed with stage 1 testicular cancer. Swift surgical intervention and subsequent chemotherapy were integral to his recovery, that kept him away from work for nearly four months.

Navigating both the physical and mental challenges of his treatment, Sohail leaned on his faith, the unwavering support of family and colleagues, and “having a reason to live” on his journey to recovery. His key message to others is to “do regular checks, know your body and be vulnerable enough to visit a doctor – don’t be in denial”. He acknowledges that some cultures might find it difficult to talk about male health issues, but he doesn’t believe that there should be any sort of stigma attached to prioritising men’s health.

Thinking back to his treatment journey, Sohail remembers focusing on what made him happy: his family and hobbies – which include football, cars and building his famous sneaker collection.

Sohail doesn’t see his cancer diagnosis as a setback, but as a blessing that allowed early intervention and a full recovery. He emerged from this experience as a stronger, more grateful individual. His post-recovery period marked some of the most significant moments in his career, a testament to his resilience and positive outlook.

Sohail’s story reminds us of the critical importance of early detection, maintaining a positive mindset, and fostering open conversations about men’s health. We extend our gratitude to him for courageously sharing his journey, inspiring others to prioritise their health and embrace life wholeheartedly.