RCL FOODS Commercial Analyst – Richard helps us do MORE

Passionate about empowerment, development and encouragement, RCL FOODS brings a diverse range of career aspirations to life through our fast-paced Management Trainee Programme. Richard Stanley, one of RCL FOODS’ Commercial Analysts is a true example of a self-motivated Management Trainee who through the fast-paced, accelerated learning environment is on track to becoming one of our future leaders.

We touched base with Richard to find out more about his journey at RCL FOODS so far…

1. Upon graduating, what role were you aspiring to get into and did you think that studying Engineering could lead to a career as a Commercial Analyst?

I didn’t have a specific role in mind but rather aspired to join a company where I would be able to learn and develop. Towards the end of my studies, I gained interest in the financial world. The shift into a commercial analyst role was testament to the transferable skills and capabilities which I gained both at university and through my time on the RCL FOODS Management Trainee Programme.

2. What does the day in the life of a Commercial Analyst look like?

As a Commercial Analyst within the RCL FOODS Group Strategy department, my role largely revolves around generating insights based on the operating environment that RCL FOODS is in. This includes competitor activity, macro-economic factors and consumer trends, to help inform a long term strategy. I also get involved in strategic group projects within the merger and acquisition space.

3. What made you choose to take part in the RCL FOODS Management Trainee programme?

The transition into the working world is daunting, and so I felt that the best outcome would be getting into a top graduate programme where you are able to develop through a structured approach, and be surrounded by other top graduates and employees.

4. Having been on the programme, how has your experience been and what has been your greatest learning?

The Management Trainee Programme has been a great experience both professionally and personally, where I have met and learnt from many exceptional people. One of the most important learnings of mine has been the importance of working relationships, which forms the foundation for a successful career. I have learnt that everyone has something to teach you regardless of their experience, title or paygrade.

5. Which one of the OUR WAY values resonates with you the most?

More Curious – the scope of information there is to know is limitless. If you approach each day with an open mind that is curious, you will never stop learning and growing.

6. What is your proudest/most fulfilling moment at RCL FOODS?

My most fulfilling moment at RCL FOODS has been my involvement with the DO MORE FOUNDATION – getting first hand exposure to how RCL FOODS goes beyond and truly makes a positive impact in the lives of the community it operates in.

7. What advice would you give a Graduate thinking of being a part of RCL FOODS Management Trainee programme?

Apply and if you’re fortunate enough to be part of the programme, make the most of this opportunity.

Our Management Trainee Programme offers exceptional development opportunities to self-motivated, talented individuals that enables them to achieve their career ambitions! Through a fast-paced, accelerated learning environment, Management Trainees are empowered with the development, experience and mentorship needed to take them to leadership levels within RCL FOODS.

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