Fathima Moola Says Her Support Network, Early Morning Routine and Growth Mindset Helps Her do MORE

Fathima Moola joined RCL FOODS as a Fixed Asset Accountant in 2013. Since then, she worked her way through a range of Finance roles, gaining the skills and experience to recently becoming a Finance Executive for Chicken. In a recent interview we had with Fathima, she explained that the teams she has worked with has been a game changer for her career. “I have been privileged to work under excellent managers who have challenged, encouraged and supported me,” she said.

Over and above her supporters at work, Fathima’s greatest inspiration is her mum, and it’s easy to understand why. Beyond being a ‘walking dictionary’ and an avid reader, she became a medical doctor despite the odds stacked against her. “She completed her studies in the 80’s, despite all cultural and patriarchal challenges that she faced back then,” explained Fathima. In addition, she says her mum is an outstanding mother and grandmother. “She worked really hard during my childhood yet managed to fulfil all her other duties within our home and society. She always motivated us to aim high and strive for the best in every aspect of our lives.”

This Women’s Month, Fathima wants the myth that women can’t have it all to come to an end. Her mum is testament to this, after all. “I truly believe that a woman CAN have it all. You can have a dazzling career whilst still being a great mum, wife, chef, daughter, neighbour and friend, all with the right focus, waking up an hour earlier every day and a growth mindset,” she said. “Yes, it takes grit, determination, LOTS of hard work and tremendous amounts of sacrifice, but it is definitely possible with a solid support system.”

Other than a supportive network and role model to look up to, Fathima attributes success to a growth mindset, because of the tenacity, resilience and relationship-building it leads to. Having the confidence to reach out to others is key, believes Fathima. “Always lean in and ask for clarity if you’re uncertain. It’s ok to reach out for help. Build solid relationships with the people around you and not in a hierarchical way – be good and kind to everyone, irrespective of their level within the company. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them,” she explained. “Put yourself out there, volunteer and request for additional exposure. As a young leader, it’s important to acknowledge that you won’t necessarily have the answers to everything and you cannot achieve all the tasks by yourself- this is why we work in teams – create a comfortable environment which fosters collaboration and the sharing of insights, opinions and experiences – it is amazing what each person brings to the table and you learn so much this way.”

This mindset, the inspiration and help provided by her mum, and an encouraging environment at work helps Fathima to do MORE, every day. Her humility and positivity are a huge source of inspiration for us at RCL FOODS. Fathima inspires us all to do MORE.