Established in 1919, SUPREME has grown steadily to become one of South Africa’s most loved and trusted flour brands for professional and home bakers alike. Known and respected for our consistent quality, expertise, and service, SUPREME is enjoyed in delicious food products by hundreds of thousands of South Africans every single day.

SUPREME offers a range of wheat flours, as well as prepared mixes, which are milled at RCL FOODS long-standing milling site in Pretoria.

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Brand Facts

With 100 years of history, Supreme has become one of South Africa’s most loved and trusted wheat flour brands.
Consistent product quality is ensured by supervision from some of the most highly qualified and skilled millers in the country.
To this day, our mill stands as a monument to our vision of being recognized as Specialist, Involved, Approachable, Efficient and Consistent.

Brand Range

Cake Wheat Flour
Wheat Bread Wheat Flour
Brown Bread Wheat Flour
Rye Flour
Biscuit Wheat Flour
Whole Wheat Flour
Brown Bread Mix
Continental Rye Mix
Crispy Crust Mix
Madeira Mix
Plain Sponge Mix
Silky Soft Brown Mix
Silky Soft White Mix
Sweet & Light Mix
White Bread Mix
Hi-Ratio Cake Wheat Flour

Brand Recipes