Together we can provide 1 MILLION MEALS FOR MANDELA DAY, says the DO MORE FOUNDATION

While aspects of daily life are returning to ‘normal’, the impacts of the Covid-19 lockdown will remain for a long time. We see this in the million or more jobs expected to be lost in coming months, and rising levels of hunger and malnutrition that will impact South Africa for decades – unless we can work together to change the way the story unfolds. The DO MORE FOUNDATION has already proven this is possible by harnessing the power of collaboration to provide nearly 4 million meals to vulnerable children and their families during the lockdown.

With no end to the hunger crisis in sight, the DO MORE FOUNDATION has committed to its biggest goal yet: to enable 1 million hot Rainbow Chicken meals to be donated to the hungry this Mandela Day.

In order to do this, the Foundation needs to make its circle of partners even bigger – and is calling on individuals and businesses across South Africa to #GiveItUp to DoMore for the cause.

“Children were particularly close to Nelson Mandela’s heart, and our Foundation is driven by a commitment to creating better tomorrows for them. With the lockdown resulting in school feeding schemes being closed to nearly 10 million learners, they are a particularly vulnerable group we are reaching out to,” says DO MORE FOUNDATION Executive, Warren Farrer.

Between 13 and 18 July 2020 the Foundation will be partnering with 329 soup kitchens – affiliated to  organisations such as Meals on Wheels, Afrika Tikkun, Save the Children and the Department of Social Development – to provide the 1 million hot Rainbow chicken meals to the poorest of the poor, including young children.


“Partnerships and collaborations enable us to DO MORE than we could on our own, and this campaign is no different. We are calling on other companies and individuals to partner with us and #GiveItUp to DoMore for Mandela Day,” says Farrer.

The DO MORE FOUNDATION’s founding partner, RCL FOODS, is donating 100 tons of Rainbow Chicken to the cause, and other corporate partners like Mr Price, Phakisa, Ackermans and Buckman have also put up their hands to help.

There are multiple ways that people and organisations can #GiveItUp to DoMore. One is to donate advertising space and use social media profiles to help raise awareness for the campaign. Another is to contribute funds towards feeding vulnerable children and their families, or to help provide sanitising supplies to enable preschools to reopen safely. There is also the option of volunteering 67 minutes at a nearby soup kitchen when lockdown restrictions ease.

“For organisations, this is a great way of ‘virtually’ reaching out to those most in need and involving your employees in the process. When people realise that by donating just R1 they can provide a meal for a hungry child, you put the power in their hands to create a better tomorrow. And when many organisations and individuals come together to DO MORE for a common cause, that’s when we start to rewrite the story – not just for a day but for ever,” concludes Farrer.

What will you give up to #DoMore?

Help us #DoMore by visiting the DO MORE FOUNDATION website or follow the Foundation on social media: “domorefoundation”.