Jayce Naicker 48 Years of Service

At RCL FOODS, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. They are the reason that we can achieve our vision of GOING BEYOND and strive for MORE. Jayce Naicker has been committed to working for RCL FOODS for the past 48 years, and is a true example of the dedicated and loyal people that we have as a part of our team

We sat down with Jayce to get to know more about him…

Jayce started his journey with us at Rainbow Chicken Farms as a wage clerk in 1974. He has been part of the company’s exponential growth journey over the past 4 decades, starting before the introduction of computers when all the processes were manual! He says that their most prized possession at the time he started was an adding machine. Jayce has certainly been with us at every step of our growth journey.

For him, payroll has always been his passion, leading many teams in successful projects where they’ve converted the manual payroll process into what we know today as a centralised, automated payroll function. One of his latest projects involved the recent introduction of SAP payroll systems across the RCL FOODS Group.

RCL FOODS has periodically acquired new ventures over the years, with each new acquisition requiring Jayce and his team to migrate the new payrolls into the RCL FOODS structure. While this often proved challenging for them, Jayce says that the end results were always successful and very rewarding.

Jayce’s previous Manager, Morgan Rajoo gave him the opportunities to explore his strengths, and this resulted in him developing an immense passion for payroll. In recent times, Jayce has had the pleasure of reporting to Terry Skelding – Terry being leader with strong people values, and organizational skills also impacted Jayce greatly. Which in turn inspired him to continue striving to innovate and drive high performance in his teams.

Jayce enjoys working with people and is passionate about sharing knowledge and upskilling his team members, which is a great example of a great leader. He’s proud to be part of a team that is focused, well organised, energetic and driven. “We work hard, play hard and always find time to celebrate our successes”, says Jayce.

One of the MORE behaviours that resonates with him most is that his team is responsible for people’s livelihood, which means that authenticity, transparency and honesty are non-negotiables for him.

Jayce’s advice for RCL FOODS employees is to trust their gut and to keep reminding themselves that every problem has a solution. “We have an amazing culture created by our people. I will miss being able to interact with everyone who makes me proud to be part of the RCL FOODS group”, says Jayce.

We’re proud to have a person like Jayce on our team, who has shown continued loyalty to RCL FOODS for such a significant period of time.