RCL FOODS’ National Account Manager, Ntando Ngubane on Women in Leadership

Ntando joined RCL FOODS back in 2017 as an Assistant Account Manager in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) channel. Through her role, she gained multi-disciplinary skills across various categories including Chicken , Grocery, Speciality, Fats & Spreads, Plant-based, and Sugar & Milling. In 2020, she became a National Account Manager, where she currently impacts all Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) customers outside of chicken. We sat down with Ntando this Women’s Month to find out MORE about her passion for women in leadership.  

Since her time at RCL FOODS, Ntando is proud to have had the opportunity to hire a new team member, and train and transfer skills to them. She says this was her most fulfilling experience so far, especially because the women at RCL FOODS inspire her every day. “Every day I get to see them in action: solving complex problems, breaking gender stereotypes, expressing their creativity, being brave, launching new projects, speaking up for themselves, supporting each other, protecting their mental health, maintaining a work/life balance, and constantly doing MORE,” she explained. Ntando is proud to be a woman because of women like these. “Women are often strong pillars that hold up organizations, households and society at large,” she said.

From the leadership team at RCL FOODS to Miss Universe ,Zozi Tunzi and aspiring women leaders, leadership is a recurring theme in Ntando’s life. Zozi Tunzi is one of Ntando’s greatest inspirations because she ‘walks the walk’. “She said “I think the most important thing we should be teaching young girls today is leadership… nothing is more important as taking up space in society and cementing yourself.” This was a powerful moment for me because not only was she saying this, but she was doing it,” explained Ntando. For Ntando, young girls have the potential to become exceptional leaders. “Women are brilliant and capable of leading,” she said. The different skills, perspectives, and experience that women offer as leaders brings inclusivity and a holistic approach to any workplace. “It is now more important than ever to urgently bridge the gender gap and heighten women’s representation in leadership roles,” she went on.

Ntando’s message to her younger self this Women’s Month warms our hearts, so we leave you with it:

“Dear younger self: Love and trust yourself fiercely. The seat at the table belongs to you and others like you. People want to see you and hear your voice (you don’t have to hide). Always make time to amplify and serve others. Continue to radiate peace, kindness and compassion. You are on the right path and are absolutely worthy of it all.”