Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

As a purpose-led business, we believe in seeing and doing things differently – particularly when it comes to our people. It’s why we partnered with the Nelson Mandela University to invest in the Emerging Leaders Development Programme.

This programme is not simply a training initiative. Rather, it is a transitional leadership development programme curated to build a robust pipeline of junior to middle management leaders. The goal? To upskill these emerging leaders, making them future-fit and agile within our business.
To date, 59 delegates have completed this 12-month programme. During this period delegates develop their leadership skills while working on business improvement projects that are presented to the business upon completion. A distinctive feature of the programme is the “big room conversation,” where senior RCL FOODS leaders present on important topics and insights. This valuable platform allows delegates to engage with and learn from seasoned leaders, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application more seamlessly.

The success of the Emerging Leaders Development Programme is profound. Graduates emerge as leaders well equipped for both their current and future roles. The skills and experiences gained during this initiative are not just about career progression; they are about opening doors to a future where leadership is more than a position but a journey of continuous growth and impact.

The programme’s 5th cohort commenced on 6 November 2023, welcoming 16 promising leaders to its ranks. We look forward to grow these emerging leaders towards reaching their full potential.