RCL FOODS has deliberately positioned itself as a Purpose-led business to make a more meaningful impact. What does it mean to be Purpose-led, and how do we make an impact that matters?

In June 2023, RCL FOODS introduced its Purpose and Vision to RCL FOODS. That purpose – WE GROW WHAT MATTERS – is the reason WHY we exist and it sets the path for us to follow.

“Studies have shown that businesses that have a clear purpose outperform those that don’t,” says RCL FOODS CEO Paul Cruickshank.

“But the main reason we have crafted our Purpose at RCL FOODS is to give the whole organisation something to connect to in terms of making an impact. Something that they will look back on for the rest of their lives and say, ‘I was part of that. I made a difference.” In shaping its Purpose, RCL FOODS considered both its internal and external landscape, engaged more
than 12 000 employees, held more than 60 stakeholder engagement and review sessions and considered 50 different versions of the Purpose statement – all to ensure that the RCL FOODS Purpose was truly the company’s own.

Businesses that are purpose-led place their Purpose at the centre of everything they do – their culture, their strategy, their decision making and their day-today actions. This is what we aspire to at RCL FOODS, which is why it is at the heart of our Vision.

What matters to us at RCL FOODS is serving people’s needs; responsibly creating opportunities for employment, belonging and growth; and strengthening our communities and the environment, in line with our values. To achieve this, we have integrated our Purpose and Sustainability Strategy into our Business Strategy, which means we are now all pulling in the same direction.

How will we know if we are making an impact? “We’ll always measure our strategy, and it will give us a good sense of our progress in delivering on our Purpose. But beyond that, the key lies in making our Purpose a part of everybody’s daily lives,” says Paul.



We embrace the power of diversity and aim to create an inclusive workplace that attracts, values, respects and invests in people so that all our employees thrive. We will also drive a culture of performance that prioritises action, solutions, simplicity and results, underpinned by accountability, collaboration and effective governance at all levels. Beyond our business, we will strive to ensure dignity and decent work throughout the value chain, while also collaborating with communities to strengthen their resilience through meaningful relationships and investment.


Championing diversity and building an inclusive, high-performance culture.

Strengthening community resilience through collaboration and investment.

Investing in strategic capabilities to drive competitive advantage.



By growing our business and improving its returns, we aim to generate the fuel to fund enduring positive impact for all our stakeholders. We will drive growth through strong brands; strategic partnerships and acquisitions; and faster, more relevant innovation that is good for our consumers and the planet. Through this we aim to support the delivery of food security and affordable nutrition.


Leveraging dynamic platforms through partnerships and acquisitions.

Growing organically through strong brands.

Scaling up and enter new emerging channels and markets.

Leveraging consumer insight and partnering with strategic customers.



We aim to create a future-fit business by delivering cost efficiencies and reinvesting in the business to create a productive and resilient asset base. Alongside this, we will take credible action to address climate change and nature loss by targeting net zero carbon emissions, nature-positive operations and a circular economy.


Delivering cost efficiencies and investing to become “best in class”.

Building a ‘net positive’ business to secure our economic, social and environmental future.

RCL FOODS’ Purpose is not a destination; it’s a journey. “The first phase of our Purpose journey was the rollout, into which we put a lot of effort. We all believe in this purpose, and it’s already having a positive impact.” says Paul.

The next phase is the harder part: unpacking the meaning behind the Purpose for each team, and making it a natural part of decision-making processes. “Our Purpose is much more than just four words. What’s critical is how we implement it,” says Paul. “I’m very intent on making sure we live our Purpose. It must be a natural, authentic part of our business and our culture.”

“Having said that, we have always strived to make a positive impact by collectively doing that little more for all our stakeholders, while focusing on the factors within our control. This has helped us remain resilient and keep moving forward. What excites me is the potential for our Purpose to increase the momentum we’ve been building over the years. With each of us living our Purpose, together we will Grow What Matters for a sustainable future,” Paul concludes.