New Rainbow Spices!

We’re excited to announce that our loved and trusted Rainbow Brand, which has brought great quality chicken to South African tables for decades has launched its new Rainbow Spices range.

At RCL FOODS, we understand that there’s nothing quite like a hearty meal, made with flavour and love to bring people together, but in this busy world, few home cooks have time to create elaborate dishes, night after night, which is why South Africans love their spices.

With this in mind, we knew that we needed to bring South Africans a spice range that they would love. We took to the streets and spoke to consumers, shoppers, retailers, spaza shop owners, Shisa Nyama braai masters and Isishebo experts to find out what gets their taste buds going!

Armed with insight from our extensive research and drawing on over 100 years of flavour and spice experience, we developed a proudly South African Spice range that will transform everyday meals into delicious memorable family occassions, without breaking the budget.

Our new Rainbow Spices feature the popular flavours South Africans use everyday – Chicken, Barbeque, Steak & Chops and our special Spice it All, which have been tailored to local palletes and our proud local cuisine, taking any meal from ordinary to extraordinary.

We’re so confident in the quality of our NEW Rainbow Spices and that they are packed with flavour, we are promising customers 100% satisfaction guaranteed or their money back. Our Spices range not only tastes great, but it looks great too, with an innovative zip-seal pouch to ensure long lasting freshness.

This is just the beginning for RAINBOW Spices’ exceptional new range. Just like Rainbow is loved and trusted by millions, we believe that Rainbow Spices will become known as the spice range that delivers quality and strong flavour, meal after meal.