Future Leaders SHINE at the presentation of their Business Improvement Projects!

We believe in seeing and doing things differently, driving a culture that inspires you to do ‘that little more‘, and together provide more food to more people more often. We do this by focusing on what matters to you most: more challenging work that meaningfully impacts the company’s successmore training and investment into you and more opportunity to grow within RCL FOODS.

We are extremely proud of our 16 Emerging Leaders, on the Emerging Leaders Development Programme 3, attendees who recently presented their Business Improvement Projects to appointed faculty of the Nelson Mandela University as well as to selected RCL FOODS Management and Executives.

These presentations form an integral component of the programme and provide the attendees with the opportunity to show-case their learnings through a business relevant project. The project intent being to implement small improvements in their respective working environments which can be later expanded to other parts of the business.

Examples of a project, presented by one of our attendees, included cost saving ideas on how to improve the utilisation of vehicle capacity, on-time deliveries and enhanced fleet management at depots. Another attendee passionately presented her project on recycling and environmental awareness to our customers.

The new virtual approach to the ELDP presentations has encouraged a data driven focus with the inclusion of more automation and digitisation coming through in the projects.

Great feedback was received all round!

Some comments expressed by our Leaders “ Innovative and well-structured BIP’s presented with confidence and poise, “I love your BIP”. “I want you to implement it now”

The “growth ‘of one of the young leaders in the business’ is phenomenal and we will be watching from the side lines eagerly”. “A massive impact on the business” “So proud of you!” “Young and upcoming leaders of RCL FOODS.”

Our fast-moving, fast-paced culture motivates you to become the best version of you: more brave, more curious and more open while having more fun!