Land Reform that Works

In 2012, when part of the land where our cane was growing near Malalane was under claim, we took this as an opportunity to implement some much-needed transformation in the local agricultural space.

We did this by partnering with the beneficiaries and established a 50/50 joint venture company called Sivunosetfu (which rents the cane land for sugar production) to ensure that they could keep their land productive with the necessary access to training, farming support and enterprise development.

Since the start of our partnership in 2012, the community has benefited through:

  • direct employment of 46 beneficiaries
  • bursaries to 8 students
  • enterprise development of 25 beneficiary companies
  • procurement spend of R116 million
  • lease payments of R40 million
  • CSI spend of R664 757

Not only is the community better off, but we have fostered positive and mutually supportive relationships and have access to a continued cane supply for our Malalane mill.

We have achieved a win-win situation which shows that land reform can lead to really meaningful transformation when there is open communication and trust between both parties.