Authenticity, empowerment and growth – Mpume makes her mark at RCL FOODS

Passionate about inspiring great people, RCL FOODS offers exceptional development opportunities to self-motivated, talented individuals that enable them to achieve their career ambitions! Through a fast-paced, accelerated learning environment, Management Trainees, like Mpume Nkosi, are empowered with the development, experience and mentorship needed to take them to leadership levels within RCL FOODS.

Passionate about people, women empowerment and making a difference, Mpume has been thriving as an Operations and Project Manager and believes that respect, responsibility and integrity are the pillars of good leadership.

We touched base with Mpume to find out more about her journey at RCL FOODS so far…

  1. Who is Mpume Nkosi?

I am a young, vibrant woman who grew up in Soweto. I have a deep love and interest for anything pertaining to Women Empowerment. My new-found passion includes my work as an Operations and Project Manager. I love working with people, guiding them and mentoring them on their personal growth and development journey.

2. What did you study and why?

I completed my Undergraduate Degree in Marketing and Corporate Communications at the University of Free State. Communications Science resonated with my personality as I love being part of projects that are constantly evolving and changing. I then continued my studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and did a Diploma in Supply Chain Management as I wanted to expand my knowledge to understand the whole value chain of a business.

3. From Management Trainee to Manager, how did you achieve this?

I started with the 3-year Management Trainee programme where I gained experience in Key Accounts, Business Insights, New Business Development, Operations & Systems. From there, I was promoted to a Business Insight Analyst in November 2017. I went on to be promoted again in December 2018 to Retail Operations Manager. In 2019, I was awarded with the more “More Brave Award” at the Customer Conference. Big thanks to my Manager, Alex Gordon, for being my biggest supporter from the time I started in 2015 as well as Nelani Ntuli for giving me the encouragement I have needed to flourish in my career. I also hope that now as a leader, I am also creating an environment where young vibrant individuals can tap into their unrealised potential, just like I was able to do.

4. What advice would you give someone about applying for the RCL FOODS Management Trainee programme?

Hit the ground running and give your best. Highlight your strengths, work on your weaknesses and improve your skills. And remember to have fun.

5. Which OUR WAY value resonates with you?

‘MORE BRAVE’, because change, challenges and new opportunities excite me.

6. What is your proudest moment at RCL FOODS?

Being myself, unapologetically and without hinderance. RCL FOODS creates a safe space to express myself through their MORE YOU value, which encourages employees to be authentic and true to yourself. In order to give your best, you need to be yourself. This enabled me to grow and that is why I love my work and the company.  

Being true to yourself, the curiosity to know MORE and going after what you want is sure to help you thrive in your career – proven by Mpume’s journey to career success so far.   

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