Humans of RCL: Mlungisi Ntshangase

Mlu is on a mission to support vulnerable children

In the tropical town of Pongola lives a man with a heart of gold – Mlungisi Ntshangase, affectionately known as Mlu. You may recognise him as a driver from the Pongola Sugar Mill. However, to the children of his community, he is a beacon of hope.

In 2010, Mlu’s life changed forever when he became a Sunday school teacher. His aim was simple: capture the hearts and minds of young people and empower them to make a positive impact in the world. However, as he got to know these children, he realised they were the ones in need of assistance.

“I saw that some of the girls missed school because they could not afford sanitary pads, while other children weren’t getting an education because they did not have a school uniform”, says Mlu.

Mlu set out to address the challenges faced by young women and orphaned children in his community. From providing sanitary towels, underwear and school uniforms to supporting struggling families with groceries, his mission is to uplift, empower, and ensure every child reaches their full potential.

Despite facing financial constraints, Mlu has already made a difference in the lives of countless children. From distributing essentials to 150 children and supporting five families with groceries to providing clothes for orphaned children, his impact has been felt across the Pongola community.

As we reflect on Mlu’s journey, we applaud his efforts and admire his spirit. We stand in solidarity with Mlu as he strives to build a brighter future for underprivileged children through doing that little MORE, one act of kindness at a time.