Humans of RCL FOODS – Rahul Beekrum

Rahul Beekrum, from our Group Finance team, recently achieved 92% on his ACCA: Strategic Business Leader exam – the joint highest mark in the world!

Rahul joined RCL FOODS in 2019 as a pricing and rebate clerk but has since moved to the Sales Admin team in Group Finance, first as a Sales Analyst and now as a Finance Systems Analyst.

He’s doing so much MORE than that though. Rahul’s keen interest in finance drove him to pursue an ACCA qualification – a Chartered Accountant’s certification that is not only globally recognised but highly sought after for its specialised skillset and constantly evolving syllabus that includes evolving trends and advancements in the finance industry.

“With the skills and knowledge gained from the ACCA qualification, I hope to be able to contribute more value to the company.” Rahul Beekrum.

To receive this qualification, one must pass 13 exams which can be written over an extended period of time. No easy feat when working full time. A lot of work went into preparing for these examinations. Rahul studied every night after work, and on weekends. And we are delighted that it all paid off.

What started as a private endeavor for Rahul has turned into an opportunity for him to do MORE. That’s why RCL FOODS is proud to have assisted Rahul in completing his studies. Congratulations on this amazing result and on becoming a qualified chartered accountant – we look forward to seeing you grow even MORE.

So, where to next for Rahul?

“ACCA has instilled in me the importance of being a lifelong learner and I am constantly doing online courses to expand my knowledge and skills to ensure I can effectively navigate the winds of change and contribute value to the company.

In terms of my career, my goal is to eventually assume a position where I can leverage my expertise in digital transformation, finance, and AI to make a meaningful impact. I find exploring the intersection of finance and technology to be interesting, and how emerging technologies can be harnessed to drive strategic growth and innovation.

“I hope to play a key role in guiding the company to leverage technological advancements and data-driven insights to stay ahead in the rapidly changing business landscape.”