Humans of RCL FOODS: Nomathamsanqa Mdlazi – Driving Passion

Life Simplified. These are two words that come to mind when we think of Nomathamsanqa Mdlazi, Noma to her friends, a fellow Human of RCL FOODS. It’s also the name of her YouTube Channel that encourages her followers to live simply and meaningfully. As someone who embodies her “why” daily, we admire Noma for boldly inspiring others to do the same.

On Live Simply, you’ll find empowering content on a variety of topics. This includes achieving goals, mental health, financial education, and mindfulness, all of which, Noma believes contribute to happiness and fulfilment. Born in 1998 in rural Eastern Cape, Noma is an only child who describes her childhood as full of play, joy and laughter. She was surrounded by lots of cousins and as the oldest of them all, she learned about leadership from a young age. Noma believes that many of these lessons still benefit her today and she aims to teach her 2-year-old son uOyi (and her followers) the same ones, too. These principles include:

·       Minimalism: By keeping things simple, you can avoid physical and mental clutter, something Noma says allows her to think more clearly and be more present.

·       Guard your inner circle: As an introvert, Noma enjoys spending time alone or with a small circle of people that she can trust and share meaningful conversations with.

·       You are your biggest competition: Noma’s favourite quote by Ernest Hemingway sums it up perfectly, “There is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is superiority to your former self.”

Her journey with RCL FOODS began in 2019 as a general worker at Yum Yum for four years, with her duties including driving a forklift. She then progressed to Admin Clerk within the SHERQ team, a position she still holds today. Noma says her RCL FOODS highlights include receiving training in Forklift driving in 2022 – an amazing experience for a young woman who enjoys challenging herself. Currently, she’s working towards a qualification that will enhance her career and her purpose. Noma will be the first to admit that she never really knew what her career aspirations were… That was before her intuition told her that embracing her passion for people and learning would one day help her enter the field of her dreams – HR Management.

When she reflects on her career, Noma credits Evans Lephale and Tsepo Seboka, two amazing leaders who recognised her potential as a young woman in a male-dominated space, helping her reach new heights and strive for more.

Noma wants to be remembered as someone who lived simply, pursued life with boldness and reached the highest level of consciousness. She would like to be thought of as an advocate for genuine happiness, something that is clear in her YouTube channel and in the way she conducts herself.  We believe this is why she brings so much joy and inspiration to her fellow Humans of RCL FOODS!