From excels and numbers to ovens and batches!

Elani’s inspiring career shift is a lesson in the importance of embracing change to chase after one’s passions wholeheartedly.

With a qualification in Chartered Accounting, Elani began her journey at RCL FOODS in May 2020. She started her career as a Management Accountant for Speciality Bread, focusing on numbers and finance. She was clearly very proficient in her role, as a little later, Elani was promoted to Commercial Manager within the same business unit.

Being so physically close to the factory, and to people who make our brands, she was energised by the sense of achievement with every production run. Being the inquisitive person she is, as well as her passion for people, she knew she needed to explore the inside of the factory more closely. Elani wanted (needed) to change her contribution to the business substantially. As the scope of her projects within the operational space grew, the experience only fuelled her passion for “production process” and “optimising efficiency”. She with the support of her HR team and mentors, crafted and executed a Personal Development Plan (PDP) that would get her to a position in the operations of the factory. With hard work, she was deservedly appointed as Processing Manager in December of 2023

Elani’s life journey, while at RCL FOODS has not been without its own challenges. In 2023, Elani’s doctor discovered a life-threatening brain tumour. Navigating this challenge has only served to strengthen her resolve and commitment to her purpose: to build a culture of kindness and inclusivity both within the workplace and beyond.

Reflecting on her journey, Elani says, “One of my greatest adventures and challenges was moving to manufacturing. How daunting to do something you aren’t sure you are capable of, but in the same breath how magical to have an opportunity to show that you are.”

Her story is a testament to the idea that with dedication and determination, anything is possible.

She’s enjoyed 5 very fast months in her new position so far, which challenges her every day, so grow and develop in a vastly different job description.