Gender Mainstreaming Award Winner, Ruth Grantham

At RCL Foods, we take immense pride in fostering an environment where diversity and inclusivity are not just words but values that are woven into the very DNA of our company. These values are not just a part of our corporate culture; they are exemplified by individuals like Ruth Grantham, who recently received the Inclusive Leader – Regional Gender Mainstream Awards (KZN) for her outstanding contributions as an inclusive leader.

The Gender Mainstreaming Awards, developed by Business Engage are held once a year and focus on encouraging the private sector to buy-in to achieving more meaningful representation of women in the mainstream of business. There are a number of unique categories including awards for companies and awards for individuals such as the Inclusive Leader Award, Positive Role Model Award and RMB Africa’s Fearless Leader Award to name a few.

This year, RCL FOODS’ own Ruth Grantham was the worthy finalist of the Inclusive Leader Award. Ruth Grantham is more than just an employee; she is a beacon of empowerment, empathy, and integrity. She embodies the principles of inclusivity in every aspect of her life. Ruth is unwavering in her commitment to creating an environment where all individuals, regardless of their background, are not just welcome but truly valued. She has been a guiding light within our organization, never shying away from asking the difficult questions and ensuring that everyone’s talents are nurtured, and their voices are heard.

Within our TMO (Transformation Management Office) team, Ruth has been a source of inspiration and support for countless colleagues. Her inclusivity knows no bounds, extending beyond our team and into the broader business and even her personal life. Many have experienced her inclusive leadership firsthand, as she has consistently includes, motivates, and helps other employees grow in their careers. Ruth doesn’t just talk the talk; she lives and breathes the values that RCL FOODS stands for, setting high standards of integrity, empathy, and collaboration for all of us to follow.

Ruth is not just a leader in the workplace; she is a transformational influence rooted in empathy. Her influence isn’t limited to her work structure; it extends to her daily life, where her chilled, understanding, and kind approach makes the world a brighter place. She’s a woman of many talents, from her work within her church, where she empowers people and leads key portfolios, to her exceptional baking skills that bring joy to those around her. Ruth is a choir singer by night and an enthusiastic hiker by day, showing that a life full of diverse experiences is a life well-lived.

But Ruth’s inclusivity doesn’t end with her professional and recreational pursuits. She also lives and breathes family values, always there for her kids, grandkids, and extended family, ready to offer her unwavering support whenever needed. She doesn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand, exemplifying the true meaning of family and community.

When we look at Ruth’s life, we see that it is not merely busy; it is full of purpose and meaning. She is a true inspiration to all of us at RCL FOODS and beyond, showing that inclusivity is not just a corporate buzzword but a way of life that can have a profound impact on individuals and communities.

Ruth Grantham’s recognition at the Regional Mainstreaming Awards is a testament to her unwavering commitment to inclusivity, and we are proud to have her as part of the RCL FOODS family. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity and inclusivity in everything we do. Ruth Grantham is not just an award recipient; she is a role model, a leader, and a true advocate for a more inclusive world where everyone can do that little more to help grow what matters.

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