RCL FOODS is home to over 30 household brands, from Nola Mayonnaise to Yum Yum Peanut Butter and more. But while we have many market-leading brands, we’re not taking anything for granted – and we know that we’re operating in a tough business environment.

“Consumers are struggling with high inflation, and they’re looking for products with a great value proposition,” says Andre Mahoney, Managing Director: Groceries & Spreads. “We call these products our ‘value players’ – they’re good and affordable. We’ve seen tremendous growth in this part of our business.”

That growth has come despite some operational headwinds, and it’s been achieved through proactive problem-solving by the team.

“Loadshedding has been a big challenge, especially for our Randfontein Groceries plant,” says Andre. “We installed five 1.8-megawatt generators at the plant in May 2023, and we’ve seen a significant recovery in terms of production. Working with generators comes at a cost, but it’s far better than not producing at all.”

Other input costs are also up. “Ingredients and packaging cost more now,” says Andre. “It is very hard not to pass some of that cost onto the consumer.”