Building Better Bakers

This March, the Supreme Siyabhaka Academy opened its doors to the first group of 12 aspiring young bakers. Designed to produce employable baking experts from raw talent in just 18 months, students are loving the journey so far!

Our Purpose

One of the main objectives of the Supreme Siyabhaka Academy is to nurture and develop the skills of the individual learners. Our ultimate goal is to create employable young professionals to fill a much-needed gap in the bakery industry.

That’s why students have the opportunity to gain insight into many practical exercises. These exercises include such as understanding how the quality of our flour is determined and the testing process involved in order to maintain Supreme’s flour quality.

Driving our values

Another important objective has been to educate students on the company’s passion and drive the RCL way which focuses on the company’s core values. That’s why students have the opportunity to give back to the community by spending time at the Leomogetswe children’s home.

Exposed to all divisions

An important part of each students journey, is to ensure that they are exposed to all the various divisions within RCL FOODS, which is why they have also spent some valuable time at the Pieman’s factory. That’s why we expose them to various divisions as the opportunity to secure permanent employment might arise once completing their craft learnership with the Siyabhaka Baking Academy.

The Siyabhaka Baking Academy aims to develop well rounded individuals and empower our learners to create a better future for themselves and a greater experience for our business partners.