Vector Logistics, Going Beyond During Covid-19

On the 23rd March when President Ramaphosa announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown, many South Africans woke up to the reality of being isolated for three weeks in their homes. In city centers across the country however, the harsh reality set in that as a community, the homeless are extremely vulnerable to a pandemic like this and have limited resources to keep themselves safe from the virus.

The City of Cape Town began working tirelessly to make temporary shelter space available as a matter of urgency, but they couldn’t do it alone.  They reached out on Twitter and called on South Africa to assist in getting 250 wooden pallets delivered, for the homeless community to use as beds.

RCL FOODS’ Vector Logistics team immediately responded to their call and arranged that the Operations Team in Cape Town provide all 250 required pallets to the City of Cape Town for the large homeless community.  

“It’s during challenging times like these where a company’s true culture is revealed and where real heroes emerge. While we boast the best in tech, our people are our greatest resource, committed to living out our culture of Going Beyond”, said Chris Creed Managing Director Vector Logistics.

Well done to our incredible Vector Logistics team for taking the challenge head-on; for stepping up to the plate and going beyond. YOU are our heroes and we salute you for helping our South African community and showing us that we are all in this together.