When it comes to developing our people, we’re definitely not chicken!

At RCL FOODS we are on a mission to develop our people, because we know that our future starts with the talent we are growing today.  In our Chicken Agric operation we launched our very own Agric Academy to help do that, focusing on the skills our operational poultry teams need to farm the best way…Our Way!

Our poultry men and women work with the chickens on the farms every single day, and they play a vital role in our business. We knew that the best way to do that was to create a learning programme that not only empowers them to succeed in their current jobs, but to reach the next level of effectiveness and responsibility. With that in mind, our Agric Academy was born – and we launched it at our first Cobb Technical School in March last year.

What makes the Agric Academy so special? 

With no off-the-shelf poultry learning material available, our Agric team put their own world-class expertise into action to develop their own learning material – which also includes the Agric Skills Dictionary that sits at the heart of the Academy.

“Nobody understands our people and our operational needs better than we do. We are very excited to be producing our own programme for our own employees, in a way that works for our very specific operational, biosecurity and commercial needs,” says Ansa Du Toit.

Our Goal is to have all 900 operational poultry employees across the country exposed to the Academy, supported by the farm managers and assistant farm managers who will be coached on how to support their teams in implementing their newfound skills and knowledge.

The Agric Academy is just one of a number of our professional academies which aim to provide learning, development, networking and certification opportunities to all employees in the respective RCL FOODS functions. So watch this space as not just Agric but a flock of our Academies take flight…the sky’s the limit!