Waldo Claassens 12 Years of Service

At RCL FOODS, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. They are the reason that we can achieve our vision of doing that little more to provide MORE FOOD to MORE PEOPLE MORE OFTEN. Waldo Claassens has been committed to working for RCL FOODS since 2010 and is a true example of the dedicated and loyal people that we have as a part of our RCL FOODS family.

We sat down with Waldo to get to know more about him…

Waldo started his journey at RCL FOODS in 2010 and has certainly shown us his passion and dedication over the years. Starting out, he was responsible for distribution planning. In 2012, he was given the opportunity to become a Warehouse and Distribution Manager after which he became the General Manager for the Ouma Rusks factory. Since 2016, he’s been the Logistics Manager at RCL grocery division

Waldo describes logistics as a busy and high-pressured environment at times. “Each day is different and brings its own new challenges. It’s not as simple as it looks”, he says. Waldo loves the busy and unpredictable environment that logistics brings and loves his team.

“I have an excellent and diverse team”, says Waldo. “Each team member has their own strengths and areas they’re good at. They understand what’s important and their commitment to get things done is phenomenal”.

Waldo loves the rewarding feeling of seeing projects come together after a lot of effort and hard work have gone into them, is at his proudest when he sees RCL FOOD products on the shelves in the grocery stores. He’s excited about the future of logistics at RCL FOODS and sees incorporating technology within the logistics function as part of the future. “Doing logistics OUR WAY with MORE SPEED” is his vision for logistics at RCL FOODS.

One of the MORE behaviours that resonates with him most is to make MORE IMPACT “It’s important to not only have an impact on the business, but also have an impact on my team to create a great positive work environment, respect for one another and to promote better teamwork”, he says.

Waldo ensures that he’s constantly learning by looking for ways to continuously improve, seeing and doing things differently and trying new methods and ways of working.

We’re proud to have had a person like Waldo on our team, who has shown continued loyalty to RCL FOODS for such a significant period.