Mental Health at Work: RCL FOODS Facilitates Webinars for Employees During Unprecedented Times

At RCL FOODS we believe that all of our employees have the right to be mentally, physically and emotionally fit and healthy. Our employees are all personally responsible for their personal wellbeing and health however we support them in their efforts to be the best that they can be.

Support in the mental health space has become even more important during the past year with the uncertainty and concern that Covid-19 brought and the longer term outlook that generated a whole mix of emotions. For many, this prolonged period of isolation and lack of contact during lockdown created stress, anxiety, boredom and the accentuation of underlying conditions, that previously might have been manageable. We believe that by raising awareness of these potential mental health issues in the workplace, we can foster an inclusive workplace, where people feel able to bring their whole selves to work, Because MORE You = MORE Us!

With this in mind, we facilitated two webinars last year entitled “How to maintain good emotional & mental health during this unprecedented period” providing support to our employees on the Mental health issues that they were facing. During these webinars, we received complimentary support from Mindful Revolution, leading experts in wellness and mental health. Based on the incredible feedback that we received from our employees on the much-needed support that these webinars provided them with, we will now be offering them to our site-based employees too.

We believe that these webinars among our other initiatives are the first step in priortising workplace wellbeing placing emphasis on being watchful of, and then improving on, the collective mental health of our workplace, so that everyone feels supported, included and is given the tools to build resilience to cope, particularly in the more difficult times.