If you live in the northern part of South Africa, you’re sure to be a fan of Sunbake, the much-loved brand of delicious breads, buns, rolls and confectionery treats. With Sunbake making nearly half a million loaves of bread a day – not counting all their other products – they need to be sure they can achieve consistent quality. That’s where having a reliable flour provider is key, and Supreme Flour is the obvious choice. Supreme Flour is more than a sister brand in the RCL FOODS stable: it’s a partner that stands head and shoulders above the rest for reliability, quality and consistency.  (power quote in yellow)

Neil Isherwood, RCL FOODS Baking Executive for Sunbake, explains that “a large component in any baked product we make is flour. The Supreme range that we make use of comprises of a brown bread flour, a white bread flour, a cake flour and then we also use some of the pre-mixes. That allows us to have a product that is tailor-made, providing ease of use in our bakeries”.

Recently, Sunbake needed to build up flour stocks at their mill and elected to secure flour from a different supplier over an eight-week period. Neil remembers how the performance of the other supplier’s flour didn’t come close to that of the Supreme product.

For Neil, partnering with Supreme gives Sunbake confidence “in baking a good quality, consistent product, day in and day out”.

Thumbs up to a Supreme partnership!