Proxy Form

Terms used in this form of proxy have the meanings given to them in the Circular to which this form of proxy is attached.

This form of proxy is only for use by:

  1. Certificated Shareholders who have not yet Dematerialised their Shares; and
  2. Shareholders who have already Dematerialised their Shares and registered them in their own name.
    It is not for use by Dematerialised Shareholders (other than “own-name” Dematerialised Shareholders). Such Dematerialised Shareholders
    must inform their CSDP or broker of their intention to attend the meeting in order for such CSDP to be able to issue them with the
    necessary authorisation to enable them to attend the General Meeting, or, alternatively, should they not wish to attend the General Meeting,
    they should provide their CSDP or broker with their voting instructions.

Please follow the this link to download the Proxy Form PDF :