Learning with Linkedin – developing talent for the future

At RCL FOODS, we take ‘seeing and doings things differently’ very seriously – and that’s exactly the approach we’ve taken with developing our people’s skills for the future of the working world.

RCL FOODS Linkedin Learning platform

We all know that retail, marketing and production have been positively disrupted by digital – and so have other functions directly related to us, like education! In a world where delivery needs to be increasingly diverse, the digital revolution is making learning faster, more accessible and a whole lot more convenient (not to mention fun). That’s why at RCL FOODS we’re embracing a new digital way of learning with our very own RCL FOODS LinkedIn Learning platform!

At RCL FOODS we are re-creating our own definition of learning, and it’s far broader than transactional classroom skills. It’s all about leveraging our relationships and capabilities to empower our people – in this case on a platform that’s accessible, efficient and mobile-centric. That’s why we believe LinkedIn Learning is the perfect solution for our people’s learning and development.

Having worked with LinkedIn as our long-time strategic partner in the recruitment space, we are excited to try out a novel new collaboration with our learning department. 

Here’s how it will work:

From 4 March, 100 employees from the Foodsolutions, Customer and Marketing teams at Our Place will be embarking on a one-year pilot with LinkedIn Learning. The LinkedIn licence allows them to sign up for as many online courses as they wish over a year, in a wide range of generic technical, functional and soft skills. These could be anything from leadership, negotiating and sales skills to strategic and digital marketing to financial and project management – the choice is theirs.

The emphasis is on making learning user-friendly, accessible, relevant and convenient. Tasmin Coleman (Group HR Executive) and Bev Palmer (Learning Manager) explains: “People are at the heart of our HR strategy. We have been on a mission to revolutionise the way we learn by introducing an innovative ‘blended learning’ approach that explodes the traditional ‘education’ concept of learning. Through our collaboration with LinkedIn we can harness the power of digital so that we can see and do things differently in our functional areas and beyond.”