Kathleen Pohl On Recognition, Inspiration, And Representation

Kathleen joined the RCL FOODS team in 2008 when she joined Rainbow Chicken setting up demand planning. Today, she helps RCL FOODS do that little MORE at the Supply Chain Centre of Excellence, where she focuses on rolling out Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). Being recognised for her work is most rewarding to Kathleen. “My purpose is to add value every day in even the smallest way,” she said in a recent interview we had with her and having that appreciated is what keeps her striving for more.

Kathleen is inspired by her family. She admires her mother’s strength and commitment to her family. “When I see a woman, who can successfully juggle her home, her family, her husband and her own wellbeing, along with having a successful career, then I am inspired,” she said.

In addition to her mom, Kathleen is inspired by her three sisters and how each of them is successful in their own right. “It’s our diversity that brings us closer,” she said. She loves that there is no one-size-fits-all for success and that her family is proof of that. Her mantra for success is this: “Lean into the fear, that’s where you will grow the most.’

Beyond the diversity within her own family, diversity and representation in the workplace are important to Kathleen. For her, they are key to effective leadership. “Leadership needs diversity to think beyond what’s always been done and step out of the box,” she said, adding that ‘The more diverse ‘the table’ the more effective leadership can be.”  For Kathleen, women bring a unique quality and skill to ‘the table’ and that is a balance between being unapologetically gentle and strong at the same time.

As proud as she is to be a woman, Kathleen believes that being a person first is more important. “Being an inspirational person who positively impacts and enriches other people’s lives and careers is what I think should be celebrated,” she explained.