It’s the goodness of peanut butter with the taste of chocolate.

We’re excited to announce that our much-loved and trusted YUM YUM brand, which has brought deliciousness to South African lunchboxes for decades has launched its new YUM YUM Chocolate Peanut Spread.

We all know that nothing compares to YUM YUM’s delicious taste, whether you like it smooth, creamy or crunchy, we’ve got the perfect match for all taste buds! With this in mind, we knew we needed to bring South Africans a whole new range that they would love; a range that dreams are made of, literally!

YUM YUM’s new Chocolate Dreams flavour is exactly that! Packed full of the natural goodness of peanuts and combined with a delicious YUMMY chocolate taste, this exceptional new YUM YUM range tastes great on bread, in biscuits, on donuts, baked into peanut butter cookies or as a dollop in smoothies or porridge for some extra flavour. It also comes in sachets, making it the perfect treat for lunchboxes.

Just like YUM YUM’s well-known variety of flavours have become loved and trusted by millions, we believe that YUM YUM’s new Chocolate Dreams range will too be a favourite in many South African homes.

“Tastes so good, its YUM YUM”.