Humans of RCL: Tamara Dickson

Embracing Neurodiversity: A Parent’s Journey with Autism.

Tamara Dickson, our Assistant Talent Acquisition Manager’s story goes beyond her professional role. It’s a story of love, challenges, and profound lessons learned through parenting her non-speaking autistic son, Jaxyn. As April, Autism Awareness Month, unfolds, her story is not just personal but a beacon for RCL FOODS’ Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) journey.

When Jaxyn was diagnosed, Tamara experienced a whirlwind of emotions – uncertainty, fear, but above all, profound love and determination. The journey since then has been a testament to patience, understanding, and celebrating the little victories. She has learned firsthand the importance of meeting Jaxyn where he is and supporting him in a unique way.

Tamara has encountered common misconceptions about autism, which she passionately addresses. Instead of focusing on “fixing” autism, she advocates for acceptance and support, recognising the diverse spectrum of abilities and strengths within the autism community.

Navigating parenthood with a neurodivergent child has led Tamara to invaluable support networks. Connecting with other parents facing similar challenges has been invaluable to Tamara. Whether through local support groups or online communities, sharing experiences and support has made a world of difference.

In both the workplace and broader community, Tamara champions inclusivity and support for individuals with autism and their families. She believes in flexible work arrangements that accommodate the unpredictable nature of life with ASD, nurturing a healthy work-life balance. Embracing neurodiversity, celebrating Autism Acceptance Month, and advocating for inclusive policies are key steps toward creating a world where everyone feels valued and included.

Tamara’s journey has redefined her understanding of neurodiversity and the power of acceptance. Through Jaxyn’s eyes, she has discovered the beauty of diversity and learned to embrace it fully.

As Tamara’s story unfolds, it becomes clear that embracing neurodiversity isn’t just a personal journey – it’s at the heart of RCL FOODS’ D&I mission. Through her lived experiences, Tamara sparks awareness and compassion, creating a workplace culture where every individual is embraced for who they are. This April, let Tamara’s journey inspire us all to embrace acceptance and celebrate the beauty of neurodiversity.