Humans of RCL FOODS – Gloria Kgagabi

This is the story of Gloria Kgagabi, whose grit and determination took her from General Worker to Production Manager at RCL FOODS.

Gloria began her journey at RCL FOODS in 1999 as a General Worker at Pies. Her career saw several transformative roles: from Production Clerk, Supervisor, and ultimately promoted to Shift Manger, where she oversaw the entire plant!

What makes Gloria’s story even more inspiring is her never-ending pursuit of personal and professional development.

While Gloria initially had a Diploma in Production Management, in her quest to develop and grow herself, she then completed a BCom Degree in Strategic Supply Chain, and an Honours Degree in Business Management. Today Gloria is a Production Manager at RCL FOODS, where she has also completed the RCL FOODS Emerging Leaders Development Programme at GIBS.

When asked about her motivation, Gloria shares that she views challenges as steppingstones towards realising her full potential. She emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset in overcoming obstacles.

Her advice to those in search of growth is: “I am living proof that hard times do not break people but build us into women of agility – the decisions and action we take when we are pressed against the wall is what determines the outcome and our destinations.”

Her story serves as a reminder that we can overcome any challenge and achieve our fullest potential… With grit and determination!