Basadi Bereka-Empowering Women at Work

Many women continue to encounter obstacles rooted in gender biases that hinder their growth and limit their potential. RCL FOODS, however, is committed to breaking these barriers. In 2019, as part of our broader initiative to foster diversity and inclusivity, we launched the Basadi Bereka (meaning Women at Work in seTswana) programme.

Basadi Bereka is a year-long programme focused on empowering high-potential talented female employees in A, B, and C bands and developing their skills. Delivered through 9-day contact sessions and mentorship, the ultimate objective is to equip these delegates with the necessary tools to navigate personal and workplace challenges successfully and excel in their own performance.

Since its inception, Basadi Bereka has celebrated numerous success stories. Recently, we proudly witnessed the graduation of another 17 remarkable women from our Pies business. 

The graduation ceremony took place at the Randfontein Innovation Centre. Attendees were inspired by the keynote speaker, Gloria Kgagabi, who shared her compelling journey from being a Packer to becoming a Production Manager in her talk titled “From Steel Toes to Stilettos.” Furthermore, two Basadi Bereka participants had the opportunity to share their personal stories, followed by mentor feedback and insights from the Free to Grow Team.

As a company that champions women’s empowerment, we take immense pride in the achievements of these remarkable ‘Basadi.’ We eagerly anticipate their future accomplishments and remain committed to cultivating an environment where all employees can thrive regardless of their gender.