A Taste of Your Future as a Chemical Engineer Management Trainee at RCL FOODS

We’re giving graduates in South Africa who are interested in the opportunity to develop their unique recipe for success in their professional journey as a Chemical Engineer, to become our next Chemical Engineer Management Trainee!

But what exactly does this mean? What will your days involve? And what could your future look like in this role? Below, you’ll gain insight into the role that a Chemical Engineer plays in the greater business, the essential ingredients we look for in you, the types of projects you’ll work on, and some of the challenges you might face.

At RCL FOODS, chemical engineering is at the heart of almost everything we do. Chemical Engineers, with their specialised knowledge and expertise, have the opportunity to make a meaningful and significant impact in every area of the business.

As our Chemical Engineer Management Trainee, we’re looking for someone with the following ingredients to add to the mix:

  • A large scoop of passion for identifying and finding solutions to problems
  • A big cup of interest in manufacturing site design and improving processes
  • A dollop of a can-do attitude
  • A spoon of enthusiasm
  • A sprinkle of curiosity
  • A chunk of willingness to listen to and learn from others
  • A splash of patience

Now that you know what ingredients we need you to bring to the table are, the next thing you’ll need to do is combine them daily as you work on a variety of projects. You’ll be involved in optimising chemical and energy processes, analysing waste to energy opportunities and developing projects from a single idea into a project plan. You’ll get a good taste of taking responsibility for the implementation of a project from start to end.

Mixing with these types of projects will help you create a recipe for success that’s cooked to perfection! Not only this, but your experience will combine into a delicious mix of ingredients that cooks up a successful career, not just a job.

Your typical day would involve production meetings, which will over time, give you a good appreciation of the workings of the business. It is likely you would also spend time in the factory being exposed to the plant and equipment in operation. You would also spend time behind your computer, perhaps modelling a process or using specialist engineering software or developing a spreadsheet. Not only this, but you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with suppliers and consultants, and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams.

Interested in applying? Here’s some advice from our Chemical Engineering masterchefs at RCL FOODS, who you could be working with soon.

“Be humble, patient and hungry for knowledge. Soon you will be flying and able to make meaningful contributions to solving major business if not global challenges.”

Apply today! Our chemical engineering team is waiting to find out if you’ve got the ingredients they’re craving.