Cubano Sandwich



5 medium-sized Baguettes or French breads, sliced horizontally
300ml yellow mustard
375ml Nola Ultra Creamy
900g swiss Cheese or mozzarella, sliced
900g dill pickles, thinly sliced
350g pastrami, sliced
350g roast beef, sliced
350g smoked beef, sliced
Nola Ultra Creamy, for coating sandwich

Cooking Instructions

Combine mustard and Nola Ultra Creamy. Spread the mixture on the inside of baguette halves.
Place slices of Swiss Cheese on all halves of the roll.
On the bottom half, layer all of the pickles, pastrami, roast beef and smoked beef.
Using a basting brush, spread the additional Nola Ultra Creamy on the exterior surface of both sides of the roll.
If using a sandwich press, place the sandwich inside and press with a moderate amount of pressure for approximately 7 – 8 minutes.
If using the grill, place the sandwich onto the hot surface and press down as the first side crisps up.
Once crisp, flip the sandwich over and press down again until both sides are crisp.
To serve, slice the sandwich into four pieces, on the diagonal, serving each guest two pieces immediately.