Humans of RCL FOODS: In pursuit of JOY – Siwe’s Story

Over the course of our careers, many of us will choose a profession based on our skills, talents and hopes for the future. But for Siwe Mamba, another remarkable human of RCL FOODS, it’s always been about chasing and, most importantly, choosing joy. With her purpose to be positive and share her positivity wherever she goes, we believe that Siwe embodies joy, making her a shining light within our RCL FOODS team.

Raised by a single mom, Siwe is the second of five kids. Although she admits that her childhood wasn’t always an easy one, she recognises that her mother did the very best she could to provide for their family. It was during these years that Siwe first learned the power of joy, that it costs nothing to find, and even less to share with those around you.

She first joined RCL FOODS at our Baking business in June 2014 as a Quality Control Technician. Two years later she became a Research & Development Technologist before changing lanes four years later, becoming a Technical Manager Trainee, then a Technical Manager, and now a Processing Manager. By following a line of work based on how happy it made her, Siwe has remained motivated and continues to thrive, spreading joy wherever she goes. Now, in Operations, she feels the most herself, proving that with change, comes growth and, most important of all, joy!

Siwe knows that her fellow Humans of RCL FOODS have helped keep her focused and positive, too. She credits Tanya D’Silva, now Technical Executive (Baking Division), and Kevin Clarke, then Technical Executive, for being instrumental in her growth within the business. She would also like to express her thanks to Nosi Hermanus, Factory Manager (and her boss), for encouraging her move to Operations.

What keeps Siwe focused on striving for joy? As someone who would describe herself as an overthinker, Siwe knows how important it is to start the day off right. It’s why she begins each day by reading the bible and praying, going to the gym or heading out for a run. Siwe says this helps her clear her mind, allowing her to show up as the best version of herself and handle whatever the day might bring.

There are two things Siwe wants her fellow humans of RCL FOODS to know. Firstly, it’s okay to decide to change your career at any time, especially if you haven’t found where you really belong. Secondly, wherever you can, choose joy. You’ll never regret doing either.