Creating Value From Waste, One #DoMoreBag At a Time

Each year, close to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide, leading to waste harming the environment. At RCL FOODS, we believe that many positive small meaningful actions can make a big difference so we’re on a journey to become waste-free, ONE #DoMoreBag AT A TIME.

Through The DO MORE FOUNDATION, a support function set up by RCL FOODS to help drive its sustainable framework,  the #DoMoreBags were born out of the ‘circular economy’ concept: empower previously unemployed women with the skills to make environmentally-friendly bags out of plastic waste.

The concept is simple: each #DoMore bag is crafted from leftover branded fabric, providing a long-lasting and environmentally-friendly alternative. All the proceeds of each bag sold, is reinvested into the project to support the young women who make these bags.

Compared to the traditional ‘take, make and dispose’ model, which depletes rather than regenerates resources, this strategy ploughs resources back into itself through corporate and social entrepreneurship, for the benefit of more people.

What’s more, through the #DoMoreBag initiative, RCL FOODS is providing its 20 0000 employees with the opportunity to also reduce their plastic waste consumption and help the environment by purchasing and reusing these bags.  

At RCL FOODS, we believe that together, we can really make an impact, one bag at a time!