Sports heroes know the secret to great performance is not just training hard, but eating right. So why not treat your furry hero the same way? OPTIMIZOR makes it easy to do with its power-packed range of dog food, now featuring MORE PROTEIN for active dogs.

Scientifically-formulated OPTIMIZOR contains MORE PROTEIN FOR ACTIVE DOGS. That means more muscle-building amino acids to ensure optimum muscle development for active dogs of all ages and sizes.  Formulated by our resident animal nutritionist and veterinarian, the entire OPTIMIZOR range also contains Omega 6 fatty acids for growth, immune system support and a healthy skin and coat.

Brand TVC

Brand Facts

Specialist Dog Food
Formulated For Optimal Nutrition
Contains Omega 6

Brand Range

Complete Puppy – Beef
Premium Adult – Gravy Coated Chunks
Premium Adult – Moist & Meaty Chunks
Premium Dog Food – Chicken & Rice
Premium Puppy Chunks & Milky Bones
Adult Complete – Beef