At MOLATEK we pride ourselves in the relationship we have with our farmers, therefore we walk the field with you ensuring that farming practices are combined with the most suitable feed to deliver the best possible result and return on investment. We support you with more than just animal feed, so that your animals can reach their true performance potential.

Brand TVC

Our promise to you

Brand Facts

MOLATEK has its own, fully equipped laboratory where raw materials, products and feeds are analysed to ensure that these products meet the prescribed specifications
A wide range of meal-based, liquid and block type products is manufactured using customised technology through batch and continuous mixing processes
Quality control points further support the technology to ensure compliance with the most stringent quality standards from start to finish

Brand Range

Molatek Beef Fat 33
Molatek Bypass
Molatek Condition Lick
Molatek Dryveld 46
Molatek Feedlot Concentrate
Molatek Foslick
Molatek Lamb and Ewe lick
Molatek Lick Mix 87
Molatek Master 20
Molatek Molasses Meal
Molatek Pasture Master
Molatek Pro 16
Molatek Protein Lick 40
Molatek Background 18
Molatek Sheep Fattening Concentrate
Molatek Wool Master Concentrate
Molatek HPC820
Molatek Liquid Feed 35
Molatek Molasses
Molatek Multi Block
Molatek Trophy Block
Molatek Elite Block
Molatek Fosblock
Molatek Winter Block