The CATMOR range of dry and wet foods contains all the vitamins, minerals and wholesome ingredients your cat needs to stay in peak condition. With a wide variety of mouth-watering flavours, just a whiff of the delicious aroma of CATMOR will have your feline companion bounding up to her bowl at meal times.

Catmor Loves cats

Brand Facts

Quality Nutrition
No Artificial Flavourants
The unique aroma and taste of CATMOR will have your cat wrapped around your little finger
CATMOR has committed to monthly donations to a number of beneficiaries through collaboration with The DO MORE FOUNDATION
Catmor Benefits

Brand Range

Tuna Flavour Kibble
Tuna Flavour
Chicken Chunks in Jelly
Deep Sea Delight Chunks in Jelly
Liver Chunks in Jelly
Chicken Flavour Kibble (Adult)
Chicken Flavour Kibble (Kitten)
Liver Flavour (kibble)
Chicken Flavoured Kibble
Beef Chunks in Gravy (kitten)
Chicken Chunks in Gravy (kitten)
Gravy Pouch – Beef Chunks in Gravy
Lamb Chunks in Gravy
2in1 Chicken Chunks & Calcium Milky Balls (kitten)
2in1 Tuna Chunks & Prawn Bites
2in1 Chicken Chunks & Beefy Bites
Cat under a blanket Catmor