Canine Cuisine


CANINE CUISINE® has been scientifically formulated by our resident veterinarian & animal nutritionist to provide overall well-being benefits and extreme taste enjoyment.

CANINE CUISINE® provides all the key wellness benefits which include: immune-boosting vitamins and minerals as well as Omega oils and fatty acids for joint function. Don’t compromise on the health and happiness of your dog; feed them CANINE CUISINE®.

Brand TVC

Brand Facts

Scientifically formulated by animal nutritionists
24% Protein content, rich in chicken
Number 1 in the premium dog food segment in retail – in less than 3 years

Brand Range

Canine Cuisine Specialised
Canine Cuisine Adult Gravy Coated
Canine Cuisine Joint Health
Canine Cuisine Medium to Large
Canine Cuisine Puppy
Canine Cuisine Small to Medium
Canine Cuisine Biscuits Weight Management
Canine Cuisine Superfood Biscuits Breakfast Booster
Canine Cuisine Superfood Biscuits