With a variety of nutritional dry food, meal enhancers and treats, BOBTAIL® has been a trusted staple in households for over 30 years. Keeping proudly South African dogs happy, healthy and strong.

Strong South African dogs deserve quality, locally-made food. That’s why feeding them BOBTAIL® with VITARITE® gives them 23 essential vitamins and minerals, keeping them strong and undoubtably proud of their heritage.

Brand TVC

Brand Facts

Number 1 selling dry dog food brand in South Africa
Contains no artificial flavourants or colourants
Complete range of meals and treats for all dog breeds

Brand Range

Bobtail 2 in 1 Chicken Chunks
Bobtail 2 in 1 Steak Gravy Chunks
Bobtail 2 in 1 Milk Bones Chunks
Bobtail 2 in 1 Moist Meat Chunks
Bobtail Adult BBQ Flavour
Bobtail Adult Chicken Flavour
Bobtail Adult Steak Flavour
Bobtail Gravy 8 pouch value
Bobtail Gravy with Chunks Chicken
Bobtail Gravy with Chunks Lamb
Bobtail Gravy with Chunks Liver
Bobtail Beef Gravy Powder
Bobtail Gravy Powder Chicken
Bobtail Chicken Gravy Powder