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RCL – no ST6 listeria found at polony factory

The listeriosis outbreak has been a tragic episode for the country. RCL FOODS expresses our deepest concern and sympathy for those who have been affected.

RCL FOODS is pleased to state that the Wolwehoek polony plant in the Free State is clear of the ST6 listeria strain, which the Minister of Health has identified as being responsible for the outbreak of listeriosis.

Tests conducted by an independent laboratory in France, which is considered to be a leading expert in this field, have shown that the plant is clear of the ST6 listeria strain.

Rainbow polony products from the Wolwehoek plant were recalled as a precautionary measure and the plant has been temporarily closed. The recall does not affect any other RCL FOODS facilities or products, including fresh and frozen Rainbow chicken.

Listeria, which can cause food-borne diseases when present at high concentrations, is commonly found in soil and water and is easily transferred to surfaces in homes and buildings. It thrives in low temperatures, such as refrigeration, but is killed by cooking. Raw foods and vegetables should be washed thoroughly before eating.

The listeriosis outbreak has shown that more needs to be done to help consumers understand listeria and how they can protect themselves and their families. RCL FOODS will continue to support national efforts that take the message about food safety and listeria to as wide an audience as possible.

Food safety has always been of paramount importance to RCL FOODS. More than a decade ago we embarked on a process to implement internationally recognised and independently verified quality and food safety systems such as FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) 22000 and ISO 22000 in our facilities. RCL FOODS will continue to review and further entrench safety policies and procedures.